Entry Preparation - ¬°Bravo! Awards

Entries not Submitted as described may be disqualified. Please note all entries become the property of HPRA and will not be returned. Work must have been implemented between June 1, 2018 and June 31, 2019

Complete one entry form per entry. Be sure to designate the category of the entry.

Include a Two-Page Summary (single or double spaced). The summary should be typed, using no smaller then 10-point typeface and one-inch margins. The judges will evaluate the campaign on the merit of addressing the following (all must be included in your summary):

  • Brief Situation Analysis
  • Statement of problem, opportunity, or assignment
  • Research
    Goals and Objectives of the Campaign
  • Target Audience
  • Strategies & Tactics
  • Budget
  • Evaluation/Measurement

Supporting materials, such as clippings, Press materials (news releases, bios, fact sheets, media advisories, scripts, etc.) research analysis reports, and tactical matter also should be included as PDF documents. The entry should only include supporting materials referred to in the two-page summary. Only one set of supporting materials will be necessary.

Please provide an image that represents your entry as a PDF file or a hi-resolution JPEG file on disk to be used in the awards ceremony presentation.

A 100-word summary of the campaign must be included. This will be used to describe your entry if it receives the award.

Entry forms must be complete, accurate and legible and must be typed or printed by hand. Cursive handwriting will NOT be accepted on entry forms.

Multiple Entries: Entrants may submit an unlimited number of entries. One entry may also be submitted under different categories if appropriate. However, each additional entry must be submitted separately and include all requirements mentioned above.

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Please be sure to take the time to read all the requirements for your entry and have everything ready to upload. Once you begin the process, there is not a way to go back in and start all over again. If you have any technical issues or questions, please email info@hpra-usa.org, we will respond within 2 hours between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm PST.